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I am thinking of using iPage, looking around for reviews.

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Here is a short update about our system here in North Dakota, We have added two 190 watt Evergreen solar panels this summer, changed out 8 new marine trolling batteries 125AH from walmart $80 “ten total”. cleaned up some wiring in conduit and customizes some meter boxes along with some changes on our sub panel wiring. Currently in the winter we run 80% of the lights and that’s all we dropped 2 bedrooms and the living room since we have reduced power input. Other than that we have been going really outstandingly good in the summer and so so in the winter here just holding our own. Summer of 09 as soon as we get income tax back we are going to buy 2 210watt evergreen panels and have been looking into a really cool 12 – 28vdc grid tie inverter we want to buy one and play with that also.

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